American Rugs and Silk Carpets


In 1984, with the desire to live closer to family the owners moved the shop to Enterprise Avenue in Naples, Florida. With the introduction of their custom wool tuft program, it was necessary to relocate again to a larger facility bringing us to our current location at 3209 Van Buren Avenue just off Bayshore Road in Naples, Florida.

American Art Rug's custom wool tufted collection combines 100% New Zealand Wool's, silks, and lure to meet their customer's design. The beauty of the tufted program is the only limited to ones own imagination. All yarns are custom dyed to match any color for a one of kind area rug.

American Art Rug's custom inlayed area rugs are all made by hand in own facility. Each rug is sculpted with precision hand carving. From simple border rugs to elegant scrolls, our design department can create custom designs to any size.

American Art Rug creates a blend of fabrics with any type of natural fiber and broadloom carpet. Fabrics can be used as your center not just as a border. Fabric rugs are a great way to tie in with your existing décor or to just add a little something that makes the room.

Silk Carpets.

These extraordinary carpets are available for a very limited time only. Presenting the select collection of a discriminating and acknowledged expert in Persian carpets these excellent pieces range from very high quality Goum silks to a few pieces that were literally in palaces and museums.

When one speaks of top quality Persian carpets, the names of Isfahan and Kashan lies halfway along a line drawn north form Isfahan towards Tehran.

Kashan Silk Carpet was once on display in the Museum of Culture (the national Gallery) in Finland as a fine example of a very beautiful Kashan Silk Carpet. "Kashan - A medallion carpet of Caspian silk. Palmate and floral motifs in many colors on a cream ground. Warp, weft and pile silk."